The term hunting knife, to me, means a knife primarily designed for skinning and butchering game animals. They are not camp knives, which are more robust and used for general duties. My hunting knives are defined by a number of characteristics including; a finely ground blade sporting a razor edge, a sharp piercing point supported by a solid triangle of steel, a long skinning / cutting curve enhanced and extended by a slight recurve in the belly. I also favour a full, soft feel handle by which I mean one that has no sharp edges or hot spots that would become irritating during use. I favour hard wearing man-made materials such as G10, Micarta or carbon fiber for the bolster as it saves considerable weight. However I will add a metal bolster if the intention is to have it engraved because there is nothing that makes a knife look more special than good engraving. You will note that some of the blades carry images of deer, buffalo or text. These have been laser engraved. Of course there are many variations of blade shapes aimed at specific uses, such as small knives for caping or large knives for fast butchering or dealing with bigger animals such as camels or scrub bulls. It is a broad church. If you want to see a general collection of my knives you can visit these pages Photo Library Page or this page Photo Library Page 2

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