Individually crafted, handmade field and kitchen knives, using only the worlds best steels and materials. Made for purpose, made to use and made to look good.

Warrick Edmonds, making knives in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia. Shipping both interstate and international.

Handmade knives, custom made knives with knife sheaths see examples below. Go to the Photo Library Page to see more or go to the For Sale Page to see what's available now.

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I make my knives with full, rounded handles that have no hot spots so the knife feels comfortable in use. I like to include a sharp, piercing point backed by a solid triangle of metal, a decent curve to the cutting edge and some way of protecting the fingers from slipping forward. Field knives need a good knife sheath. I make knife sheaths part of the package, tooled and dyed to compliment the look of the knife. Another thing I like to emphasise is that a handmade knife or a custom made knife is like a tool in a toolbox. Each one does a particular job well. For example, you wouldn't use a fine bladed skinner to chop tent pegs or a pocket knife to cut the veg. Different knives do different jobs, so take my advice and get yourself more than one !