This page shows some projects that are 'Works in Progress'. They are either ideas yet to see the light of day or things I'm building that are unfinished. As they are completed they will be removed from this page. So, sometimes it will be empty, sometimes it will have content. Once items are finished there's a good chance they'll be moved to the For Sale Page. Feel free to use the contact form, bottom of this page, to drop me a line if you have any questions about what's going on here. If an item is already booked for a client I'll put that in the description somewhere.

some of the kydex sheaths I've been working on

These are some of the kydex sheaths I've been working on, getting a feel for the material. The two smaller knives on right are mine. The green handled one is my workshop knife, so hangs around my neck most days. The red handled one is a rabbit knife, also a necker. The middle one is the large cooks my family takes camping or on holiday stays, so having a kydex sheath makes it easy and light to pack in the kit. The two on left are camp knives that will be for sale. 

My thinking at the moment is that I'll mainly be using the kydex on smaller knives and leather for the rest, unless requested otherwise. Though I have to admit that the click of the knife going in and out is addictive!

four small neck knives made from 52100 carbon steel and M390 stainless

Here's four little neck knives ready for heat treating, two are made from 52100 carbon and two from M390 stainless. All are the same shape (approx), have a polished false edge, a nice pointy point and a useful cutting curve. I anticipate they'll have carbon fiber or micarta handles and kydex sheaths, unless I'm persuaded otherwise

I've been busy over the last few weeks getting a number of projects ready for heat treating. Quite a mix of high end steels in this lot, RWL34, CPMS35VN, M390 and 52100. About half of them are spoken for.

This is a steak knife made in M390 with carbon fiber bolster and G10 handle. It is finished however I'm considering making a matching fork and then putting the pair into a presentation box.

A camp knife made from RWL34 with G10 handle, fatwood bead. Needs a sheath, which will probably be Kydex. This is the same shape as the knife I use daily in my workshop.

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