Camping and bushcraft knives are built to be be solid and robust. Typically I make them from thicker steel and give them a full grip, full length handle, something you can grab onto even with gloves. I still like to include a sharp point because it is such a useful feature, but for these knives I back it up with a lot of steel. They are larger and heavier knives where the full thickness of the steel is kept in the spine for a good length of the blade. I like to include a flat landing on the spine, an area for whacking with a large stick or other hammer, for splitting wood etc. For some I've made the blade broader so you have a knife that will shave fatwood, cut ropes and vines and then do duty in the camp kitchen. If you want to see a general collection of my knives you can visit these pages Photo Library Page or this page Photo Library Page 2

I often get asked about a scandi grind. As most general users will eventually sharpen their scandi grinds with a secondary bevel, it is a non issue. Flat grind, scandi grind = same thing in the long run.

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