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These knives have been sold. I include this library of past work for your pleasure and as a reference

museum grade snakewood, first grade snakewood, maroon linen micarat, micarta bolster

a camp knife made from mirror polished RWL34. The spine has been fileworked, the ricasso has been stippled.

The handle is prime Surinam snakewood and maroon linen micarta.


private stock snakewood, first grade snakewood, polished snakewood, textured knife blade, dyed knife sheath, hand stitched knife sheath, custom made knife

the sheath has four layers of dye and four layers of gloss overcoat, giving it a depth of character and mottled appearance to compliment the snakewood.


damasteel dense twist, stainless damascus steel, stainless damascus knife, carry sheath, small kitchen knife

A kitchen helper made from tight twist Damasteel stainless damascus. Handle is ringed gidgee. The knife has a travel sheath so it can go on picnics, holidays and camping, just like you.


highly polished ringed gidgee, polished ringed gidgee, kitchen knife handle, small kitchen knife

polished ringed gidgee on Damasteel


fishing knife, fish filletting knife, eel skin inlay, eel leather inlay, eel skin knife sheath

Fish filletter made from mirror polished RWL34. Handle is cherry coloured dymondwood and black G10. The sheath sports an insert of maroon eel skin, backed by leather.


rabbit knife, hunting rabbits, skinning rabbits, knife for rabbit hunting, bocote knife handle, australian rabbit hunter, south australian knife maker

A smaller knife for rabbits and foxes, made from mirror polished RWL34. Handle is Mexican bocote and black G10. Some file work on the spine and stippled ricasso. Here’s what the client said;

just got home to open my package, mate it is fantastic and functional work of art which will be put to good use in my pastime of hunting.  I love that the handle fits my hand perfectly and the bocote is stunning. I’ll be putting in to use next weekend on a trip rabbit and fox hunting. Again, thank you for your workmanship I will be recommending you to my hunting mates

R M of Adelaide


hunting and fishing, hunting and fishing knives, fishing knife and sheath, cane toad skin inlay, c-tek knife handle

A pair of knives ordered by a client that will cover most eventualities in hunting and fishing.

The fishing knife is mirror polished RWL34 with carbon fibre and C-TEK handle, cane toad skin inlay on the sheath.

The hunter is in stonewashed CPMS35VN with a solid handle of gidgee and a bold camo sheath.


tapered tang, knife with tapered tang, ringed gidgee on knife handle

detail of the gidgee handle from the hunter pictured above. Tapered tang and brushed finish on the handle metal. Here’s what the client said

Just some initial feedback before I have a chance to test them out.

Wow! The fit and finish of the blades is amazing, and there are little details that I can see like the line of the finger guard on the fillet knife lining up with the line of the sheath. The blue colour of the C-Tek is deep and hard to capture. The ringed gidgee works so well on the hunter, and the stonewashing is amazing in the flesh

But perhaps the main thing that I wanted to give you feedback on at this point is the balance of the knives: they both feel fantastic to handle, with a fantastic weight to the hunter and responsiveness of the filleter.  Hate to gush, but these are amazing knives!

S.R of Vic


detailed laser etching, knife blade with laser etching, cooks knife in hitachi super blue 2, knife blade hitachi super blue 2

A full sized cooks in Hitachi Super Blue2 with a stonewashed blade that has been overprinted with laser etchings of various seafoods.

The handle is dymondwood and stabilised buckeye burl


stonewashed 52100 knife steel, stonewashed knife blade, tasmanian devil, laser etching

A small-medium sized hunting knife made from stonewashed 52100 carbon steel, featuring a Tasmanian Devil laser etched into both sides.

The ricasso has been textured, the handle is stabilised red palm and miniritichie burl

The sheath has been rough textured and mottle dyed to compliment the handle materials.


cpms35vn knife steel, stonewashed knife blade, stonewashed cmps35vn,

A medium sized hunting knife made from stonewashed CPMS35VN stainless, featuring a laser etched Tasmanian Tiger on both sides. The ricasso has been textured and the handle sports stabilised red palm and miniritichie burl.

The sheath has been triple dyed to bring out a subtle pattern of stripes and mottles reminiscent of the tiger.


tasmanian devil, tasmanian tiger, laser etching on knife blade, stabilised red palm bolster, miniritichie burl handle

Detail of the laser etching


tasmanian devil, tasmanian tiger, knives with laser etched images, laser etching on knives

The matching pair of hunters/skinners

Here’s what the client said,

WOW! Just wow!……    I unveiled my new knives last night, and I am speechless. They have passed all expectations.
The quality and craftsmanship is sensational and the finish, exceptional. The laser etching of the Tiger and Devil have come out beautifully. All I can say is WOW…. and thankyou. Absolutely over the moon. S.T. of Perth


stabilised red palm, miniritichie burl, cpms35vn knife blade, 52100 knife blade

The pair of knives and their sheaths ready for dispatch to their new owner, who intends taking them for hunts around his property in Tasmania


large camp knife, mirror polished knife blade, hairy oak, african black rosewood

A large camp knife made from mirror polished RWL34, featuring filework on the spine and butt, textured ricasso, handle of hairy oak and African black rosewood.


simpson desert, camp knife, fileworked spine

Mirror polish on RWL34


hand filed knife spine, filework, detailed knife work

hand filed and polished spinework on the camp knife


african black rosewood, hairy oak, knife handle, wood knife handle, rare wood knife handle

Showing off the fine herringbone patterns and dark medullary rays in the hairy oak.

A nice fat handle with plenty of meat for a solid grip.


stonewashed knife blade, bow hunting knife, knife for bow hunting, knife and leather sheath
quick draw leather sheath, reverse draw sheath, bow hunting knife, bow hunting

Made for a bow hunter who wanted a cross draw sheath to sit on his left hip. Note tapered tang for weight savings.


knife blade of aeb-l stainless, stainless aeb-l, stonewashed aeb-l knife blade, multi dyed leather sheath, leather sheath, black g10

A hunter / skinner with bloodwood and G10. Stonewashed and stippled blade. The sheath has been dyed to compliment the colours of the handles. Tapered tang


hunting knife, australian skinning knife, australian made skinning knife, australian made custom knife

A hunter with hairy oak and black micarta on a stonewashed blade. I love the look of this sheath. Tapered tang.


chefs knfie for hard use, using chefs knife, kitchen knife, cooks knife, this is my cooks knife, your cooks knife
hitachi super blue 2 chefs knife, stonewashed knife blade, stonewashed chefs knife, bocote knife handle

A selection of the cooks knives I’ll be taking to the 2016 Adelaide Knife Show

These are all made from Hitachi Super Blue 2 , a well renowned Japanese cutlery steel that is unusual in the Australian market.

bocote wood knife handle, mexican bocote, stonewashed knife blade, stonewashed cooks knife blade
african black ebony, striped ebony, full sized chefs knife, working chefs knife, carbon steel chefs knife

The blades have been stone washed, had their recassos textured and double bevel ground to a fine cutting edge. Some have file worked spines.

They have been differentially hardened, with a spine at RC=54 and a cutting edge of RC=61

hitachi super blue 2 knife steel, stonewashed knife blade, brazilian kingwood knife handle, brazilian kingwood rosewood
chefs knife, stonewashed knife blade, australian chefs knife, handmade chefs knife, custom made chefs knife

The handle woods have been chosen for longevity in a kitchen environment, being various rosewoods, ebony and bocote, woods with natural oils.


stonewashed knife blade, striped ebony knife handle, striped ebony and bocote, filework on knife spine

A half sized cooks in stonewashed RWL34 with striped ebony and bocote. The spine has been filed worked. For the person who doesn’t want a bigger knife in the kitchen.


black paper micarta, black micarta bolster, professional chefs knife

a full sized cooks knife with stonewashed RWL34 blade and Brazilian bloodwood handle.


medium sized chefs knife, medium sized cooks knife, african black rosewood, black rosewood knife handle

A medium sized cooks knife, made for a smaller hand. RWL34 and African blackwood handle


black g10 bolster, black g10 on a knife, stonewashed knife blade finish, stonewashed finish on a knife blade

Yep, I’m still liking the stonewashed finish.


mosaic pin, tapered tang, knife handle, bloodwood handle

Brazilian bloodood on a tapered tang


fish filliting knife, best snakewood, knife with snakewood handle

A fish filletter make from RWL34, featuring a snakewood handle, bolster and butt of linen micarta and a sheath showing a window of barramundi skin


inlay knife sheath, fish skin inlay, best snakewood, snakewood takes a wonderful polish, polished snakewood

Knife and sheath make one complimentary package.


gift set knife, knife sheath and box, best present for a mate, best present, snakewood, snakewood knife handle

In addition to the sheath, this knife came with a presentation box made from black heart sassifrass, with a lid of ringed gidgee. The knife sits inside a cradle carved from wood that has been covered in soft flocking, ( powdered felt). The box sits on four soft padded feet.


heirloom knife, fishing knife, fishing western australia, gift of a knife, special gift, special friend

The full package, knife, sheath and box. (the box lid is reflecting in the knife blade)


presentation quality engraving, heirloom knife, heirloom quality knife

A fine hunting knife made from RWL34, featuring hand engraving, spinework, stippled ricasso and a presentation sheath with a window of canetoad skin.


mirror polished knife blade, reflections in knife blade, mirrow polished rwl34

Mirror polished RWL34, reflecting the back of a cane chair I use for my ‘studio’ Also, shows off the polished spine filework and stippled ricasso, just in front of the bolster


heirloom, heirloom knife, special engraving, acacia inceana burl knife handle

Showing off the other side, and also the second sheath which features tripple dying to compliment the handle wood.

fine hand engraving, knife handle engraving, acacia inceana burl wood, presentation knife

engraving front and back by Garry Mitton. The handle wood is inceana burl from inland Western Australia