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These knives have been sold. I include this library of past work for your pleasure and as a reference

winning knife, prize winning knife, prize winning chefs knife, damasteel chefs knife

I was happy to come home from the Adelaide Knife Show, Nov 2017, with a bit of glassware. ‘Best chefs knife in show’.


chefs knife resting on a recipe book reflecting slow cooked brisket in the mirror polished blade

Here’s me mucking around with the camera, Reflections in the polished RWL34 chefs knife happen to be the recipe for slow cooked, smoked brisket that I made for the family recently.


profile of chefs knife made from damasteel rwl34 stainless

A medium sized Chefs knife in mirror polished (0.5 micron) RWL34. The handle is satin finished, top-shelf afzelia burl. You can’t see it clearly in this photo but the handle is faceted top and bottom.


mirror polished chefs knife reflecting David Boon the cricket legend in the blade

My wife made my buy a carton of pig swill so she could get a talking Boonie doll. He’s a dead-set legend.


mirror polished chefs knife, mirror polished knife blade, paua shell, new zealand paua shell

Some time ago a knife client from New Zealand sent me two beautiful, polished paua shells. The intention was that I use them somehow when making a knife. My two sons however think they’re magnificent things and won’t let me cut them up, so they’ve stayed on the shelf. I’ve finally found a use that makes everyone happy. What better way to show off the mirror polish than some reflections.


A nice sized utility/skinner made from brushed CPMS35VN, featuring a tapered tang, filework on the spine, a cross filed thumb rest and textured ricasso.

Here’s what the client said; My knife arrived. It’s beautiful!! A work of art. Thank you!

BM or ACT.




exhibition grade ringed gidgee, polished ringed gidgee, austrlaian outback hardwoods, hardwood knife handles, gidgee knife handle, laminated g10

The handle is premium ringed gidgee, with a bolster of black G10 and a spacer of blue and black laminated G10


Here’s a short YouTube video of a chefs knife I’m in the process of making. The clip shows the polished blade at 0.5 microns and then cuts to the same blade after it’s been etched to bring out the Damasteel patterns.

stabilised arctic spruce cone knife handle, heirloom knife, keepsake, damasteel knife blade

A hunting utility made from Damasteel stainless damascus.

The handle is black G10 and stabilised arctic spruce cone.


highly polished damasteel knife blade, polished damasteel, stainless damascus, handmade knife blade, australian handmade knife

Damasteel stainless damascus polished out to 60,000 grit and lightly acid etched.


exhibition grade snakewood, modern tanto, tanto design, modern tanto design, australian tanto, australian made tanto

my take on the tanto style, trying to keep things deco and modern.

The blade is RWL34 polished out to 60,000 grit. The spine features a little bit of filework and there’s some subtle texturing on the ricasso.

The knfie is held in the sheath by an inbuilt cam that locks behind the finger guard, however as a secondry backup, when the strap is wrapped around and the press-stud snapped in place, it pinches the top of the sheath against the handle and is secure in its own right. The press-studs are backed by leather inside the sheath so they don’t contact the metal or handle.


modern tanto, museum grade snakewood, exhibition grade snakewood, black carbon fibre, carbon fibre knife handle

The handle is top of the top shelf snakewood backed by blue-gray carbon fibre. The bolster is black, twill weave carbon fiber.


60,000 girt mirror polish, super mirror polish, super mirror polished knife blade

I find no steel takes a polish like RWL34


Here you’ll find a short YouTube  video showing off the results of mirror polishing out the Tanto to the equivalent of 60,000 grit

Here you’ll find a short YouTube video showing off the results of mirror polishing out the Damasteel utility to the equivalent of 60,000 grit

favourite knife handle wood, bocote knife handle, kitchen knife, paring knife, custom made paring knife, handmade kitchen knife, home cooking

A small kitchen knife for peeling fruit and veg or taking on a picnic or for the platter of cheese, meats, sausage and fruit. An accompaniment to the fine food you would take outside to your unruly guests celebrating a birthday with too much champas.

The blade is polished RWL34, the handle is bocote. Note the small strip of polished texturing on the ricasso. Even though the spine features a nicely sized thumb rest you still won’t be able to beat the ‘speed of cheese’.


green c-tek, long lasting knife, small kitchen knife, herb knife, kitchen handy knife

A kitchen knife for odd jobbing or charcuterie. A knife to accompany a cheese platter or follow you to that ideal spring picnic in the park.

The blade is RWL34 and the handle is dark green C-tek, with a fine brass spacer. The spine has been fully file worked.


green c-tek, green c-tek knife handle, kitchen knife, herb cutter, hard wearing knife

I interrupted the dark green C-tek with a brass spacer. This means the C-tek was cut into four and reassembled on the liner/backing, which added considerably to the amount of work involved.

Note, C-tek looks monochrome until you rotate the handle, then it lights up with a play of greens and metalic silver, particularly around the edges.


fruit knife, paring knife, art deco knife, small kitchen knife, stabilised buckeyeburl

What I would like to call a fruit peeling knife, made from mirror polished RWL34. The handle is full cell stabilised buckeye burl on green liners. This process involves using a vacuum chamber to void the wood cells of all moisture and then injecting hard resin into the internal space under high pressure. This gives a much more complete result than soaking styles of stabilising.


male riflebird, riflebirdknives, business card, displaying male riflebird, queensland riflebird

I’ve spent some time designing and coming up with a new business card, which will go with me to the Sydney Knife Show in August 2017.

family motto, wonderful sheath, depth of colour

A hunting utility knife made from CPMS35VN. Has a fine distal taper, a tapered tang, hand filed spinework and textured ricasso. The laser etched text is the client’s family motto, and a good one to have at that!

All that being said, I was really happy with how the sheath turned out. In my opinion it was one of the best I’ve made, though I couldn’t capture this adequately in the camera. The hand rubbed, multi-dyed colour scheme has a Turner-esque quality to it, leaning toward an impressionist’s stormy sunset. Either that or 1960’s disco shoes. (yep, been there, worn those)

Here’s what the client said;

“It has arrived! It looks great. Good feel in the hand. It’s got some heft to it. Beautifully finished off. And I see what you mean about the sheath – got real character and depth. My son is going to love it! Thank you so much for your communication throughout the whole process and for your craftsmanship and attention to detail….”



tapered knife tang, tapered tang, polished ringed gidgee, australian hardwoods, australian desert hardwood

A close up of the wonderful ringed gidgee handle, in natural sunlight. Also, you can make out the tapered tang. Not tapered to a thin but enough metal removed to lighten the carry weight of the knife and bring the balance point forward. The bolster is black G10.


hand tooled knife sheaths, customised knife sheaths, hand stitched knife sheaths, intricate leather patterns, knife carry sheahts

three amigos


dark blue c-tek, lanyard thong, damascus knife blade, utility knife, dark blue c-tek

A utility knife made from dense twist Damasteel stainless damascus.

The handle is blue C-tek and black G10 separated by a brass shim. The lanyard bead is also made of polished blue C-tek.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on my Instagram feed showing this knife in hand. You might have to press the go arrow on the IG video. Just use your return button to come back here


damasteel damascus, stainless damascus steel, damasteel knife blade, damasteel dense twist knife blade

This knife has a fully tooled, matching sheath featuring an underlying base of dark blue and an over-rub of black. The inside has been rubbed down with a mix of lanolin, neatsfoot oil and wax. The edges are treated with gum tragacanth and the outside surface has four coats of gloss finish.


chipped knife spine, brushed 52100 knife blade, g10 knife handle, hand textured knife sheath, lanyard and leather strap

A utility knife made from brushed 52100 carbon steel. The tapered tang features a lanyard hole. The spine has been chipped on the forward third, the ricasso has been textured.

The handle and lanyard bead are made from Mexican bocote. The bolster is black G10 separated by laminated black and white micarta.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on my Instagram feed showing this knife in hand. You might have to press the go arrow on the IG video. Just use your return button to come back here


lanyard bead, knife lanyard, highly textured sheath, hand textured sheath, hand tooled sheath, brushed 52100 knife

This knife comes with a sheath featuring my unique tooling. The inside has been treated with lanolin, neatsfoot oil and waxes. The outside was hand rubbed with yellow, london tan, red, ox blood, chocolate and black dye. It was then sealed with four coats of gloss. The edges are sealed with gum tragacanth and gloss.


strongly worked knife blade, textured and patterned knife blade, acid washed carbon steel

This is one of my favourite ever knife builds. In the hand, everything about it just makes me happy. I originally made it to sell at the upcoming knife shows but now I’m seriously considering keeping it for myself.

Made from acid washed and stonewashed 52100 with bocote bolster and New Guinea striped ebony handle. The tang is tapered, the spine has file work and the ricasso has been textured.


acid washed carbon steel, acid washed 52100 carbon steel, acid and stonewashed knife blade

The sheath has been textured using a stamp I made myself. I like the ‘almost paisley’ pattern it creates. There are five colours hand rubbed in, the edges are sealed with gum tragacanth and the outside has four coats of gloss sealer. The inside surface was dyed and then rubbed down with a mix of neatsfoot oil, lanolin and waxes.


complex pattern of leather dyes, complex leather dye, complex sheath, prosciutto knife

A special order. This is a close up of the handle and sheath of a prosciutto knife.

The handle is made from New Guinea striped ebony, which is hard and waxy enough to deal with a kitchen environment.

The sheath has five different colours variously hand rubbed, splodged, dribbled and brushed onto it. The whole is given two coats of Gum Tragacanth and four coats of gloss sealer.


prosciutto knife, stonewashed prosciutto knife, long thin knife, striped ebony handle

The blade is made from stonewashed 2.5mm RWL34, hardened just right to give a nice flex for cutting off those thin, transparent slices.

Grinding a long, thin blade like this is quite a challenge, more so than many other types of knife patterns. Total length is over 40cm.


prosciutto, prosciutto knife, cutting prosciutto, slicing prosciutto, home made prosciutto

The overall style is a composite of modern/deco and Japanese. Or, more accurately, my interpretation there of.


art nouveau knife, art nouveau in the kitchen, art nouveau is my favourite, art nouveau means art

Here’s an Art Nouveau kitchen cleaver made from 5mm thick 440C stainless. It’s been textured and stonewashed. The overall length is 39cm, so it has some size to it. The mateials have been chosen so this can be a user, not a safe queen.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on my Instagram feed showing this knife in hand. You might have to press the go arrow on the IG video. Just use your return button to come back here



The cleaver was delivered today. I have to say, I am very impressed. It is a beautiful piece and it’s unique form really demands attention! The fit and finish are beautiful. We look forward to giving it a workout in the kitchen.

I am curious about what inspired the unique shape? The pictures on the website are quite good, but the cleaver really has a special presence in person…….

……..On a personal note, I have really enjoyed the communication back and forth for this purchase. You have been very helpful and easy to approach. It is really appreciated.

JC of Indiana, USA

see comments at left, here’ what the client said.

art nouveau, art nouveau knife, art nouveau cleaver, heavy cleaver, working cleaver

The other side. The handle material is laminated paper micarta, a very hard wearing material that will cope with a kitchen environment. This knife does come with a leather sheath, see video at the link to see how it fits.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video on my Instagram feed showing the sheath for this cleaver. You might have to press the go arrow on the IG video. Just use your return button to come back here.


heavy duty knife, survival knife, bushcraft knife, thick 52100 steel

Here’s a bushcraft or camp knife made from 52100 carbon steel that has been acid washed and stone washed. The ricasso has been textured and the clipped edge leading to the point has a chipped pattern. This is a nicely solid knife, see video link below;


CLICK HERE to watch a short video on my Instagram feed showing this knife in hand. You might have to press the go arrow on the IG video. Just use your return button to come back here


bushcraft knife, carbon steel bushcraft knife

The handle material is Webbwood (similar to Dymondwood) with a spacer/feature of cross cutting black and white laminated micarta. The sheath features a solid stainless ring for a leg tie, see video link below;


CLICK HERE to watch a short video on my Instagram feed showing the sheath for this knife. You might have to press the go arrow on the IG video. Just use your return button to come back here.


handmade leather stamp, unique leather stamp, unique leather tooling, australian leatherwork, australian leather work

A good sized hunter made from CPMS35VN.

The blade shape keeps the piercing point directly in line with the generously sized handle. There is a good finger guard and thumb rest on top for solid grip.

The ricasso has been stippled.


matching knife and sheath, intricate patterns, complex bocote, custom stamped leather, custom leather work, unique leather stamp

The handle is made from highly figured bocote and black G10


pig sticker, sharp hunting knife, sharp point, pig hunting

The knife comes with a nicely textured sheath, featuring three hand rubbed layers of dyes that provide a depth of colour and pattern. The belt loop is a contrasting solid and glossy black.


african black ebony knife handle, striped ebony knife handle, cpms35vn knife blade

A large hunter made from CPMS35VN featuring a handle made from striped ebony and a bolster made from African ebony. There’s also a bit of stippling, some file work on the spine and a bit of texturing on the sheath.