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The most recent builds, bobs and bits

I have two teenage sons, both are fruitbats. As a household we chew through 6kg of apples, 6kg of oranges, a couple hands of bananas and various other fruits per week. We have an assortment of fruit knives doing kitchen duty and now we also have this one. I specifically wanted a knife to deal with oranges, so this blade is about 10mm longer than an orange is. The handle is G10 and the blade steel RWL34 ground down to razor thin edge. I’ve already used it and it works so well I’ll be making a few in the new year for my For Sale page.


A nice hunting knife made from polished RWL34 with ringed gidgee handle and mulga lanyard bead. Gone to a good home where it will be loved and used.


small hunting knife, fine bladed hunting knife, damasteel, rwl34, australian knife maker

A small, fine bladed hunter made from 2.8mm (at the handle) RWL34 stainless, hardened to RC=60. Handle is ringed gidgee with a mosaic pin. Blade length from tip to end of cutting edge is 90mm, to leading edge of handle is 100mm and overall is 200mm.


A hunter / skinner made from polished RWL34 with exhibition grade ringed gidgee handle.  The lanyard bead is made from figured mulga


A hunter skinner made from RWL34, wearing dryland river redgum scales and micarta bolster. The spine is fileworked and the sheath features black highlights against a dark brown ground.

Note, for those souls who don’t like a bright polish this blade has a radial brushed pattern, perpendicular to the curve of the cutting edge, which can be see in the close-up.


san mi, mini cleaver, pocket cleaver, handmade, made in australia, knife maker

Here’s a pocket cleaver/mini cleaver made from Super Gold 2 core (stainless) San mai steel. It has a chipped spine and leading edge, bocote handle and comes with a leather pouch.


A pocket cleaver made from VG10 core san mai, sporting a New Guinea striped ebony handle. The spine has been file worked, there’s an exposed and textured lanyard loop, the ricasso has been textured. Come with a hand tooled leather pouch.


fruit knife, art deco, art deco knife, RWL34, Damasteel

An art deco fruit knife made from RWL34 stainless, with a ringed gidgee handle. If you’ve got teens who eat their body weight in fruit every day like I have then this will be the handiest knife you will have in the kitchen. If you don’t have teens then you get to use it for yourself !



hunting knives, hunting, skinning knives, skinning, damasteel, rwl34

A hunter / skinner made from polished RWL34 with budgeroo scales.

One feature to note; I like a pointy point, sharp and capable of piercing, however I also like to make the tip well supported by a pyramid of metal so it’s not flimsy.


cooks knife, cooks knives, chefs knife, chefs knives, rwl34, damasteel, australian knife maker

A nice sized cooks knife made from RWL34. A handy weight, a handy size !


hunting, knife, australian knife maker, snakewood, damasteel

A hunter / skinner made from RWL34 with top shelf snakewood and G10. The laser image (on both sides) is of a samba deer. Here’s what the client said;

G’day Warrick

I have just received my knife and what can i say except it’s a true work of art.

Unwrapping the knife it felt like my birthday, what an amazing job you have done, I absolutely love it. The length and weight of the knife is perfect, the quality and tolerances for the wood-to metal finish of the knife is second to none and is an indication to your passion and care you take in your knives as well as your sheaths….



hunting knife, made in australia, australian knife maker, redgum, RWL34, damasteel

A small bladed hunter made from stonewashed RWL34. The handle scales are dry-land redgum. The sheath has three colours hand rubbed over a fully tooled surface. Here’s what the client said; “I’ve just received the knife and I tell ya what I’m more than impressed! I’m absolutely stoked on how it turned out. You do great work and I think it’s worth every penny I paid. You should be very proud of the work you do” H.G. of NSW


soba noodles, soba, noodle knife, ebony

This is a soba noodle knife made from 12C27 stainless, wearing some of my last Madagascan ebony on the handle, along with Brazilian bloodwood.


noodle knife, soba noodles, home cooking, chefsknives, cooksknives, australian knife maker

All boxed up and ready to ship


A kitchen cleaver made from CPMS3V with black G10 handle and sheath. This cleaver is a partner to the large chopper pictured below, so has a matching colour scheme.


chopper, machete, CPMS3V, zombie knife, bushknife, bushcraft knife

A large chopper made from CPMS3V with black G10 handle. The sheath comes with an over the shoulder harness / sling