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The most recent builds, bobs and bits

A large, heavy duty camp knife made from 5.5mm thick CPM-3V. Blade length is 28cm, overall is 48cm. The big fat handle is black, chipped G10 left rough for grip. The blade and exposed butt have been bead blasted and then had some laser engraving to the clients specs. The sheath is fully tooled and worn on the body as per the image below.

Note the design includes a large choil so the user can choke right up on the blade for those relatively delicate tasks.

F233, F234, F235

chopper, camp knife, large knife, bush knife, bushknife

This photo shows how the sheath and harness fit to the body. I’ve included a shoulder strap and waist strap with buckles so they can be snugged tight. The net effect is to present the handle of the knife forward and slightly across the belly for a right handed withdrawal. (the lanyard would tuck away until wanted) Both straps loop through a flat, three way steel ring on the back of the sheath, they are not attached to the sheath, so they can be removed if the owner wants to transport it flat in a day-pack rather than wear it.


Below, two knives made from M390. The first features custom made carbon fiber handles and the second (top) has striped ebony and bocote.

F230 (bottom) and F231 (top)

RWL34, Damasteel, stainless steel, redgum, bloodwood, hunting, knfie

A matching package consisting of knife, sheath and belt. The knife is made from mirror polished RWL34 at RC=60 with cryo. The sheath and belt are made from best 3.5mm thick leather, all tooled and colour matched.


a closer view of the hunter, showing off the polished blade. The spine has been fileworked, the tang tapered, the ricasso textured. This blade shape has a sharp point and a good skinning curve, the knife is light and easy to carry.


fish filletter, fish knife, eating fish, catching fish, fishing, handmade, customade

A fish filletter made from polished RWL34 with a bolster of black micarta and a handle of cherry dymondwood. The factory that made dymondwood burned down a couple of years ago however I was lucky enough to be given some residual pieces by a fellow knife maker. It’s a nice, tough material for hard use knives.


fishing, fishing knife, fish filletting knife, fish filletter

Here’s what the client said,

Dear Warrick,

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you very much for the knife.  My husband loves it.  He can’t wait until….he can put it to good use fishing in Tassie!
We were very impressed with your craftsmanship and attention to detail and will highly recommend you to others. L.B. of Victoria
damasteel, camatillo, rosewood, handmade knife, australian, adelaide

A small fixed blade pocket knife made from Damasteel stainless damascus. The blade was mirror polished with diamond paste and then lightly etched. The handle is camatillo rosewood with three mosaic pins. The sheath has been fully tooled and multi-dyed to compliment the detailed patterns of the handle wood.



A short handled hunter for those who don’t want to carry around a lot of weight, also for those who like to choke up on the grip when skinning. The spine is fileworked and the ricasso is textured.

The handle is bocote with a stiped ebony bolster and a copper spacer

The sheath is fully tooled and multi-dyed to compliment the handle colours.



52100, acid washed, stonewashed, sheath, leatherwork, hunting knife

A close up of the acid washed and stone washed 52100 carbon steel blade. Note also the bevel running down the length of the spine



paracord, lanyard, CPMS110V, tooled leather, leather sheath, goat hunting

My 14 year old son wanted a hunting knife so he made one from CPMS110V, (with a little bit of guidance from dad) This steel is extremely tough to work, so it was left in ‘off-the-grinder’ finish. It’s a good shaped knife, with lots of curve and a pointy point, great for its intended use as a skinner for deer and goats. The bocote handle  is matched by the multi-dyed sheath and lanyard. A fully coordinated package. The spine is scalloped and chipped, the ricasso is fully textured.


ringed gidgee, australian burl handle, australina knife maker, custom knife maker, handmade knife, australian handmade knives

Showing off the ringed gidgee and African ebony handle. This hardwood takes a great polish, there’s nothing on that wood other than elbow grease. Here’s what the client said, (he gifted this knife to his mate);

“Warrick my knives have arrived and well worth the wait they unbeleavable thank you so much. My mate can’t beleave that he owns a knife of such quality. Thank you again.” CM of New Zealand



The Damasteel blade was polished out to a mirror and then lightly etched. The effect of all this hard work can be seen in a video I posted on my Instagram site, warrick_at_riflebirdknives



A fishing knife made from Damasteel stainless damascus. The blade was polished right out to a mirror using diamond pastes and then lightly etched. The net effect in hand is a Damasteel mirror. This photo was posed to show off the pattern in the steel rather than the polish. The handle is stabilised buckeye burl which is colour matched by the barramundi skin inlay on the sheath



M390, hunting knife, rope cut test, cutting rope, sharpness

Here’s me testing a hunting knife made from M390 by cutting rope and strips of 3.5mm thick leather. You all know the drill, how many cuts before it won’t push-cut A4 copy paper reliably. This knife managed 640 on the rope and over 200 on the leather. It would still shave my arm and the paper if I held it firmly, however snagged if the paper was limp. I call that fit for purpose!


Bohler M390, M390 stainless steel, M390 stainless, hunting, deer hunting

This is the finished knife from photo above, cut testing rope. It now sports a dryland redgum handle with Brazilian bloodwood. Here’s what the client said, “Hi Warrick, I picked up knife today. Very professional job. Love the handel, very nice grain. You have put a lot of time and effort to give me a knife that will last a lifetime.”



leatherwork, M390, filework, redgum, river redgum

Showing off the sheath. The leather has been fully tooled using my custom made stamps. I then hand applied four different coloured dyes before sealing the lot with bees wax, lanolin and carnauba wax. The whole package is colour matched, including the paracord lanyard.



utility knife, hunting knife, camp knife, stonewashed 52100

A utility or hunting knife made from acid washed and stonewashed 52100 carbon steel. The handle is New Guinea striped ebony and Mexican bocote. The blade features filework on the spine and a textured ricasso. The sheath is fully tooled and multi-dyed to compliment the handle colours.



52100, carbon steel, stonewashed blade, acid washed knife blade

A closeup of the acid washed and stonewashed blade.


CPMS35VN, Crucible steel, stainless steel, miniritichie

a close up of the marvelous miniritichie handle wood. This is gem grade material.



rabbit knife, fox knife, bird and trout knife

a small utility knife made from CPMS35VN stainless with a miniritichie handle. Could also be a bird and trout or rabbit and fox knife. Always handy to have a smaller knife around the hunt or in the camp.



bubinga burl, skinning knife, hunter skinner

a hunter skinner made from RWL34, featuring a handle made from very rare bubinga burl and acacia inceana burl bolster. The paracord lanyard carries a bead made from Brazilian bloodwood.



tooled leather, knife sheath, tooled sheath

a closeup showing the detail in the fully hand-tooled sheath (knife pictured above) and multy-dye finish.



polished knife blade, hunting skinning knife, skinning knife, tooled leather

some closeup detail, polished RWL34 blade, textured and polished ricasso, acacia inceana bolster and reflecting the fully hand-tooled sheath



a short tanto made from acid washed and stonewashed 52100 carbon steel. The handle is New Guinea striped ebony and features a platted paracord lanyard with striped ebony bead. The paracord colour matches the colour of the blade.



takefu, takefu steel, laminated steel, takefu cooks knife

This photo shows a cooks knife made from Takefu laminated stainless steel with a bocote handle. It was given to a very good friend of mine, just because. Below it is my carving knife, one I made for my own kitchen. Polished RWL34 with a handle of bocote. It’s been heavily used and I’m really happy with it. The steel is easy to sharpen but holds its edge throughout the task. Simple and useful design, with a long handle so there’s no mucking around for grip and a long blade so I’m not farnarkling to get through the roast.


440C stainless, mezzaluna, redgum, pizza cutter, pizza

A large mezzaluna made for use in my own kitchen. We eat a lot of pizza and I was sick of using the cheap wheel type cutter we had, so I used a spare slab of 440C stainless to make this unit. It has a curved edge for rocking through the job and I made it shaving sharp, so there’s no prisoners when this baby comes out to play. The handle is very seasoned river redgum.



cooks knife, cocobolo, cooking, homecooking, chefitup, chefs knife

The starboard side of a cooks knife in mirror polished RWL34, sporting a top shelf block of cocobolo rosewood for a handle.



chef's knfie, chef, cooks knife, premium product, mirror polished

The port side of the cooks knife. Cocobolo is a wonderful wood. It is highly variable so no two sides will look the same even though they are book matched. It is a genuine rosewood, full of waxes and oils that help it cope with the rigours of a kitchen environment.



mirror polished knife, mirror polished blade, RWL34, Damasteel

I’m a sucker for the mirror polish and what better steel than RWL34 to show off all the hard work.



paracord lanyard, paracord, utility knife and sheath, carbon steel knife

A handy sized camp utility made from acid etched and stonewashed 52100 carbon steel, with a Brazilian bloodwood handle. My youngest son did the paracord lanyard for me.


camping, campknife, camputility, utility knife, knife sheath

The camp utility inside its custom stamped and multidyed sheath. This is a large knife that should get the job done.


tapered tang, utility knife, hunting knife, G10 knife, G10 knife handle

a utility – hunting knife made from brushed 52100 carbon steel. The ricasso has been textured, the spine fileworked, the tang tapered and the overall package kept light by using laminated G10 handle material


A pointy utility, well sized for smaller game such as rabbits, foxes, goats and the like. A nice stiff and sharp point, some file work on the spine and textured ricasso. The handle is maroon Webbwood.

The blade is made from polished AEB-L stainless that had been stonewashed, giving it quite a gloosy-glassy appearence in hand