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adelaide knife show

Yes, the Adelaide Knife Show is on the horizon. I’ve already booked my spot, so I’ll be there propping up a table. Come and have a chat. Try some knives on for size, see what they look like and feel them in your hand.

A fixed blade pocket knife made from brushed RWL34 stainless with a handle of ringed gidgee. The knife features a filed thumb rest and polished false edge (unsharpened).


fishing, fishing knife, fish fillet knife, damasteel, RWL34, rwl34, leathercraft

A fishing knife made from RWL34 stainless, with a Dymondwood handle and hand stitched, hand dyed leather sheath.


A hunting knife made from mirror polished RWL34 stainless. Features 16,000 grit polish, file work on the spine, textured ricasso, thumb rest, distal taper, matching hand tooled and hand stitched sheath, lanyard with bead made from 7mmRemMag casing.

Here’s what the owner said, “We received the knife today and my partner couldn’t wait to give it to me. (it was a present from him to her) I absolutely love it. Thank you very much. What fantastic work you do.”


A small, fixed blade pocket toy made from CPM REX121, the ultimate in wear resistant steels. To give you an idea, that’s 48 hours or stone washing making that patina on the blade. This stuff is hard. Handle is G10 and it comes with a pocket sheath, that is no belt loop.


Another of the amazing ‘next gen’ steels, CPMS110V. If you’re after a long lasting, wear resistant edge, this is the one. Bead blasted finish, tapered tang, scalloped spine, textured ricasso. The handle is made from Dead Finish. This stunted, gnarled goblin of a ‘tree’ grows in the harshest of environments and got it’s name from being the last thing standing in the worst of droughts. A hard and glossy timber.


A utility/hunting knife made from stonewashed Bohler M390 micro-clean stainless steel. It features a hand filed spine, textured ricasso and a comfortable thumb rest. The handle is made from striped ebony and bocote. It has softly rounded curves so there’ll be no hot spots in the hand. The sheath is fully tooled, has five colours hand rubbed in and four coats of sealant.


This is one of my favourite builds for quite some time. A large hunting knife (see my hand for scale) made from acid washed, stone washed 52100 carbon steel. It comes with a textured spine and ricasso, a tapered tang and lanyard. The design is for a razor sharp hunter, suitable for those who like Nathan Foster’s style (of Terminal Ballistics Research), it’s not a heavy duty camp knife. The thumb rest and handle are all smoothed, there are no sharp bits to get ‘hot’ in your hand while you are using it.

The handle is a wonderful piece of old growth, birds-eye cocobolo. This is the heavy, dense cocobolo of yesteryear. I’ve been hoarding it under my bench for a decade.


An art deco cooks knife, with a bit of a lean toward modernism. It’s made from Damasteel stainless damascus with a hairy oak handle. The steel was mirror polished before acid etching.

Here’s what the new owner said, “The knives came in today. They are truly stunning and frightfully sharp. Absolutely gorgeous. We can’t wait to start using them in the kitchen. Both Damasteel patterns are striking and the woods really pop. N posted a few pics on her Facebook page …. Great work.” And later; “First uses: the pairing knife did beautiful work on a lemon for gin and tonics. I used the cooks knife for an onion to make Mexican style pulled pork wraps… a nice night and both performed admirably…” JC of Indiana USA


ringed gidgee, damasteel, damascus, stainless damascus, paring knife

A unique paring knife made from Damasteel stainless damascus. The handle is a prized piece of ringed gidgee, one that I’d been saving for a few years, waiting for a special project to come along.

I mirror polished the steel before the acid etching, which imparts a real glow to the finished blade.

This knife is a partner to the full sized cooks knife pictured above


takefu, san mai, bocote, cooks knife, kitchen knife, chef

A nice sized cooks knife in Takefu SG2 san mai with bocote handle. This is a handy size for flipping around the kitchen, nice and light but with plenty of cutting edge.

Here’s what the new owner said, “The knife just arrived. It’s exactly as I expected. Love it!”,  “Much appreciated. I will truly treasure this work of art.” and later, “Rifflebirdknives is all about attention to details. This is what really makes a custom commission different from other mass-produced and handmade knives. With Warrick, you get a product that is tailored specifically to your requirements. Every step of the production is given detailed attention. You also get professional advice and guidance on the use and care of your knife. At the end, I have more than a beautiful, functional knife; I have an heirloom to cherish.”

CC of Melbourne


A hunter/skinner made from polished RWL34, featuring a raised and textured false edge, a textured ricasso and a handle made from highly figured red narra wood.


52100, carbon steel knife, carbon steel, hunting knife, australian knife, australian knife maker, australian made knives

A hunter-skinner made from acid washed carbon steel, 52100, featuring a pattern of dots and splodges, a file worked spine and tapered tang. The handle is a favourite combination of bocote and striped ebony.


M390, hunter, hunting knife, skinning knife, mirror polished, polished knife blade, polished knife

A polished M390 hunter/skinner under construction. At this point it’s the equivalent of 13,000 grit.



A nicely sized hunter made from RWL34 with ringed gidgee handle. This blade is slightly longer than my usual design, giving it considerable curve and reach in the cutting edge.

Here’s what the new owner said; “I received my knife in the  mail when I got home from work yesterday. Wow, I was like a kid at Christmas. What an amazing job you have done, I absolutely love it. Feels great in the hand, and you can see the quality and care taken on each and every aspect. Size is perfect and this will be something I look after and hold onto for the rest of my life. Keep doing what you are doing you have an amazing gift and passion.”


cleaver, kitchen cleaver, carbon steel, carbon knife, kitchen, hairy oak

A nicely weighted kitchen cleaver made from acid washed and stone washed 52100 carbon steel. The handle is hairy oak, a stable and hard wearing timber that is hard to come by now.

The design of this knife includes a weight forward bias that should add momentum to a good swing. It’s made to be used. The profile is an extended grape-seed so there’s a lot of steel coming down the flats in support of the cutting edge. It shouldn’t roll over and blunt during those hard hits. I’ve included a kangaroo hide wrist strap so the user doesn’t throw it across the room.

Here’s what the new owner said; “The cleaver is a beauty, I love the weight and heft of it and the longer handle gives a nice balance. The file work on the top and side is a clever enhancement making it more user friendly. The metal finish plays up to the hairy oak handle giving the cleaver an air of solidity and age almost like a family heirloom (but its new), love it. Once again very happy with your work, many thanks.” BS of Adelaide.


carbon steel, carbon knife, large hunting knife, australian knife maker, custom knife australia, 52100 steel, G10, bushcraft, bush knife

A large bladed hunting knife made from acid and stonewashed 52100 carbon steel. The handle is made from laminated G10 and has been rough chipped and scalloped so there’s grip when you need it. Note though that the spine and finger guard are smoothed so there are no irritating areas or hot spots. The package includes a fully tooled, hand stitched sheath and a matching belt, both made from high grade saddle leather, sealed and glossed.


heavy duty camp knife, campknife, bushcraft, bushknife, chopper

wearing the camp knife involves a shoulder strap that presents the knife on the left hip, ready for a cross draw extraction. My son, pictured, is 6’2″ however there are plenty of belt holes in the strap to shorten it for midgets like me. (As you can see by the photo,… I only come up to his waistline. )


 A large camp knife made from 5.5mm thick CPM-3V.

The sheath sits on the left hip with the buckled strap across your chest and over the opposite shoulder, so the handle is presented in a similar way to a sword. Overall length is 45cm


A medium sized cooks knife made from M390. Textured and scalloped spine, also, note the slight re-curve at the beginning  of the handle where your index finger might sit. Lots of comfort there. The handle is metallic carbon fiber and black G10. The sheath features stingray skin inlay. All top quality, long lasting materials that should see out this generation and the next.


short knife, handy knife, useful knife, toobox knife, mulga, mulga wood

A smaller blade made from brushed RWL34, useful for all those handman, toolboxy sort of occasions, or if you prefer, with that nice long curved cutting edge, a light skinner. The handle is made from nicely figured mulga and fits very snugly in the hand. I have to say this is one of the most comfortable knives to hold I’ve made.


Something a bit different, some custom made leather belts to either go with knives I’ve made or just to go. All are made from top grade saddle leather, full hand stitched and hand tooled, multy-dyed and protected by waxes and Gum Tragacanth. They’re made with the same care I put into a knife sheath.


large hunting knife, leather belt, custom made knife, handmade knife, australian knife maker

A larger hunting knife, seven inch blade, made from acid washed and stonewashed 52100 carbon steel. The knife features a textured spine, tapered tang, stippled ricasso and handle of rock hard inceana burl. The lanyard has a bead made from dark mallee. The package includes a matching, full sized sheath and leather belt.

This is a hunting knife, not a hard chopper for camp or survival type use. It is fine and sharp, for those who like a bigger blade when dealing with in field butchery. The steel is at RC=60 with cryo.


G10, RWL34, hunter, hunting knife, large knife

A large hunting knife off to a life of good use in the field. The blade is made from brushed RWL34 and the handle is scalloped black G10. The materials were chosen for their durability and longevity in service. The client was keen on having a knife that would do duty as a hunter/skinner but also be there for him when he was hunting pigs. Therefore the design carries a good amount of steel forward to make a strong, triangular spear point but also includes a fine cutting edge.


A hunter in bead-blasted S110V with a handle of dead finish and black micarta. This steel is one of the toughest I’ve ever worked and I doubt I’ll be looking to use it too often.

Dead finish is a small, stunted and gnarled shrub/tree that grows in the harshest outback conditions, often being the last plant standing in a hard drought. Hence, if this karks it then it’s the dead finish. The wood takes a fine natural polish. I’ve seen them existing on baked, cobble desert, wizened and black trunks, leaves full of barbs and needles that tear the skin, real charmers.


fishing knife, Damasteel, RWL34, leather sheath

A fishing knife made from polished RWL34 with laser etched monogram.