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I’ve been busy in the workshop getting a selection of knives ready for the Christmas rush, which means I have been stacking this ‘For Sale’ page with lots of kit lately. So, get in early and put one of these in your stocking.

Note, some of them will appear on my table at the upcoming Adelaide Knife Show, if they haven’t sold prior.

adelaide knife show

Yes, the Adelaide Knife Show is on the horizon. I’ve already booked my spot, so I’ll be there propping up a table. Come and have a chat. Try some knives on for size, see what they look like in person and feel them in your hand.

A hunting knife made from stonewashed M390 at RC = 60. The handle is my last piece of Malagasy rosewood, all gone, can’t get anymore. The sheath features my ‘camo’ dye pattern, made with four hand rubbed colours, the lanyard has one of my home made, 7mmRemMag beads. The raised false edge is textured as is the ricasso but the spine / belly tang around the handle is smooth for a comfortable grip.

This is a sharp knife made from one of the modern ‘super steels’.

Price = $790Aust plus post.

Refer image 31

A butchery / meat knife made from RWL34 stainless with a contoured bocote handle. The blade is 20cm, overall is 34cm. The knife features a good grip including thumb rest and palm swell. There’s also a small, polished false edge (unsharpened)

Price = $650Aust plus post

Refer image 30

cooks knife, chefs knife, rwl34, damasteel

A full sized cooks / chef knife made from brushed RWL34 stainless and Brazilian bloodwood. The blade is 19cm long, total length is 33cm. The spine and ricasso are textured.

Price = $580 Aust plus post

Refer image 29

a large hunting knife made from acid washed, stone washed 52100 carbon steel. It features a tapered tang, distal taper, textured ricasso, thumb rest, textured spine and handle made from New Guinea striped ebony. The knife comes with a fully hand tooled leather sheath and a lanyard sporting one of my beads made from a 7mmRemMag case.

This is a hunter/skinner, so not a heavy duty camp knife. The blade is 7 inches long. The handle is large and full for a secure grip, with no sharp edges or hot spots.

Price = $730 Aust plus post

Ref Image 27

fruit knife, art deco, art deco knife, RWL34, Damasteel

An art deco fruit knife made from RWL34 stainless, with a ringed gidgee handle. If you’ve got teens who eat their body weight in fruit every day like I have then this will be the handiest knife you will have in the kitchen. If you don’t have teens then you get to use it for yourself !

Price = $290Aust plus post

Ref image 26

A pocket cleaver made from VG10 core san mai, sporting a New Guinea striped ebony handle. The spine has been file worked, there’s an exposed and textured lanyard loop, the ricasso has been textured. Come with a hand tooled leather pouch.

Price = $490Aust plus post

Ref image 25

Here’s a pocket cleaver/mini cleaver made from Super Gold 2 core (stainless) San mai steel. It has a chipped spine and leading edge, bocote handle and comes with a leather pouch.

Price = $390 Aust plus post

Ref image 24

A paring knife made from stonewashed RWL34, hardened to RC=60 with cryo. The handle is Brazilian kingwood, one of the genuine rosewoods. I still have a small stock of this and some other rosewoods left from purchases made before they were  listed by CITIES. The genuine rosewoods are intrinsically oily and therefore make good kitchen knife handles.

Price = $300Aust which includes P&P within Australia.

Image 22

A hunter skinner made from RWL34, wearing dryland river redgum scales and micarta bolster. The spine is fileworked and the sheath features black highlights against a dark brown ground.

Note, for those souls who don’t like a bright polish this blade has a radial brushed pattern, perpendicular to the curve of the cutting edge, which can be see in the close-up.

Price is $590, which includes P&P within Australia.

Refer to Image 20

A nice sized hunting knife made from mirror polished M390. It features a polished false edge, a textured ricasso and filed thumb grip. The handle is made from custom carbon fiber with a subtle purple character that rainbows through it as you change viewing angles. The lanyard and carbon fiber bead match the handle material.

The sheath is tooled and coloured to compliment the handle

Price = $790Aust which includes P&P within Australia.

Ref Image 18

dymondwood, 52100, carbon steel, cleaver, acid washed knife blade, australian handmade, handmade

This is a full sized cleaver packing some useful weight. It’s made from acid washed 52100 carbon steel and features a textured spine. The profile is an extended ‘grape seed’ in cross section which has the benefit of bringing solid support to the cutting edge. The handle is made from genuine Dymondwood, some of my last supplies in house.

Price is $520Aust which includes P&P within Australia.

Image 17

handmade, handmade leather belt, custom leather, custom leather belt, tooled leather

I’ve had a bit of fun making some leather belt and matching knife sheath packages lately so have started making some stand alone belts. I use 3.5mm thick saddle leather, same as the knife sheaths. They are fully tooled, multy-dyed and sealed front and back with the same care and materials I use for sheaths. The buckle and keeper are sewn into place, so they’re not going anywhere. This particular belt is my favourite design so far. 1.35m long and 3.5cm wide. (Note, I can punch belt holes at any length.)

Price = $200Aust which includes P&P within Australia. Overseas on request. Ref image 16

This belt is 1.15m long and 3.5cm wide.

Price = $200Aust which includes P&P within Australia. Overseas on request. Ref image 21

leathercraft, leatherwork, leather belt, leather sheath, custom sheath, custom belt, handmade sheath, handmade belt, handmade leather belt

Here’s a large hunting knife made from acid etched (gives it the grey patina) and stonewashed 52100 carbon steel. This is a sharp edged hunting knife for those folk who like them big, or it would be just as good cutting steaks from a lump of rump. Blade length is 19cm, overall is 32cm. (One thing it is not is a heavy duty camp cleaver for axing wood.)

The handle is scalloped G10, left rough for better grip in wet, muddy or gloved conditions. The green of the handle is mirrored by the colours of the fully tooled sheath and also comes with a matching belt, making for a complete package. The belt is also made from the same saddle leather and given the same care as the sheath, so should last a lifetime.

Price = $790Aust plus P&P. Ref image 15

in a tanto style, made from stonewashed 52100 carbon steel, handle and bead of striped ebony. Blade length is 15cm, overall 29cm.

Price is $525Aust, which includes P&P within Aust. Overseas post on request. Ref image 14

 A large camp knife made from 5.5mm thick CPM-3V.

The sheath sits on the left hip with the buckled strap across your chest and over the opposite shoulder, so the handle is presented in a similar way to a sword. Overall length is 45cm. The blade features two profiles. The outer two thirds have a more heavy duty cutting edge while the inner third is finer and more razor like, suitable for push cuts. So we’re talking a handy bush tool here. Contact me if you want to know more about this item.

Price = $850Aust plus P&P. Ref image 11

I originally planned and built this project as an Art Deco carving knife, kind of falling into that style where Deco morphs into Modernism. Either way, we’re talking simple, chiselled lines. However recently it was pointed out to me that it would also make a fabulous wedding cake knife. Of course it could go back to being a carving knife when life settles down after the festivities.

The blade is made from mirror polished RWL34. It comes with some spine work and a textured ricasso as highlights. The handle is high impact, hard wearing resin.

Blade length is 24cm, overall is 40cm, so it presents with a commanding presence.

Price = $895Aust, which includes P&P within Aust. Overseas post on request. Ref image 10

A cooks knife made from Bohler M390, one of the ‘third gen’ particle formed steels that are renowned for long lasting edges.

The handle is made from custom carbon fiber, (look for subtle flashes of red, green and blue among the silver and black), and black G10 bolster. The sheath features a black stingray skin insert, all together they are materials that will last.

Price is $850Aust which includes P&P within Aust.

ref image 1

black cerekote, cerekoted knife blade, cerekoted 52100 carbon steel

a handy sized utility made from 52100 carbon steel that has been cerekoted in black. The handle is black and white laminated G10.

The blade features a good sized curve from a sharp point into a slightly recessed belly. The handle is shaped for comfort. The front half of the spine has been chipped. The sheath is black on black on black.

Price $470Aust which includes P&P within Aust. Overseas post on request.

ref image 5

A very handy shaped hunter/skinner made from stonewashed AEB-L stainless, bolster of G10 and handle of Brazilian bloodwood. The ricasso has been textured, the tang tapered and a thumb rest filed into the spine.

If you hunt deer, goats or the like this knife is for you. A slight recurve in the belly gives extra length to the main skinning curve. The tip is straight and sharp for parting the joints, the handle is all curves, so no sharp projections to irritate the hand.

The hand sewn sheath is triple dyed in bold cammo and features a locking lug inside to hold the knife in place. The leather has be given four coats of gloss and the edges sealed with gum tragacanth.

$590Aust which includes P&P within Australia. Overseas post on request.

ref image 7

KNIFE PRICING, some general comments;

When commissioning a custom made knife there are a number of factors that will affect the price. Here’s some general guidelines.

1)The steel. I don’t use cheap steels. You’ve come to me because you like the high-end look I give my knives. This only comes from working with premium materials. And I mean premium, RWL 34, CPMS35VN and Damasteel are among the best steels in the world. Sure they are expensive products to buy, two to four times the price of some other knife steels, but they’re worth it.

2)The handle material. Just talking wood here, I’ve gone to a lot of trouble searching out the very best examples of handle woods. Sometimes its taken years to get a sample with the figure and colour I wanted, and often I’ve never seen the like again. For example, the quilted sapele and Peruvian flamewood. I haven’t seen similar for sale in the last five years. These are not ordinary bits of wood, they are often unique.

3)The finish. I finish all my knives to a high spec. This means hours of detailed hand held work. Polishing the blades down to a mirror finish is a seemingly endless task. There’s a big difference between brushed and mirror finish, around a whole days work on a hunting sized knife. Similarly, for the handle wood, it may take twenty applications of finisher over two weeks, each sanded down before the wood is as I want it. All my sheaths are given the same attention to detail as the knife. They are not simply a slip on after thought, they are part of the colour scheme and general package. They even smell good.

4)The size of the knife is very important if talking mirror finish. It takes ages to hand polish a large knife, there’s no way around that.

5)Bling. If you want fancy pins, damascus steel, my most rare woods, etching, engraving or exotic skin inlays in the sheath, they will affect the price.

6)Post, not really a factor. It costs $20 for a registered parcel (plus materials) with tracking number anywhere in Australia. If your item won’t fit into a post bag and requires a box or special packaging, I just pass on the Aust Post cost, there’s nothing in it for me. If you choose postal insurance its also at cost.

7)Design. If your knife requires some special artwork, eg for etching, it may take me hours to draft up something appropriate. While I try to make every knife unique, there are some designs that are so popular I can repeat the template. However, there are others that are very specific to the clients needs. These usually entail a lot of design work, many email exchanges with the client, even some trial prototypes.

Some other general comments.

1)Deposits. I don’t take deposits unless the item is so unusual I doubt there is another market for it outside the commission. Alternatively, the item may involve some very expensive materials.

2)Payment. I expect payment in full prior to delivery. Please don’t ask for terms because I will say no. My role is to buy the materials and then spend many hours making the knife, so I don’t think its too much to expect you to honour your part of the bargain and have the money ready. A commission normally takes a few months to deliver, so there is plenty of time for you to save the necessary funds.

3)How to pay. If possible, I prefer direct transfer or PayPal. If you wish to pay by cheque, money order etc,please understand that I won’t ship the knife until the funds have cleared into my bank account.

WHAT WILL YOU GET;.. that would be the custom-made experience! This means you’ll be dealing with me personally. I’ll find out from you what it is you are after, we’ll discuss how to achieve this goal, and I’m happy to answer any of your questions to the best of my ability. Depending on your experience with knives I might guide you in the right direction, if you’re a well seasoned user, we pool our knowledge. Its a personalised process that results in something unique and specifically tailored to your needs. And once the knife is in your hand, you know the buck stops with me. Also, I will be here to help with any questions you might have about your knife down the track.

Ok, lets get to the bit you’ve been wanting to know, how much will a knife cost?

Most of the time I ask the client a number of questions re style, use, shape, size, sheathing and materials. I will then email a quote. I won’t proceed with the knife until the quote has been accepted, via email is good.

These following prices are just a general guide, (assuming RWL34 plus a leather sheath), and may not be indicative of your commission. Currency is Australian dollars.

Most hunter style knives are in the $450 to $650 area, which includes a sheath.

Smaller knives are around $300 to $450 including sheath

Large knives are $650 up.