About the Riflebird

The Magnificent Riflebird, Ptiloris magnificus, is one of three ‘birds of paradise’ from the most northern tip of tropical Australia. It has a splendid, iridescent, blue breast which makes it a jewel in an otherwise jungle-green rainforest. Males display spectacularly on high branches, shaking their plumage, suddenly spreading and flicking their wings, crouching, their bill open and head thrown back, snapping from side to side like a flamenco dancer.

They are styled, elegant and refined. A splash of art deco in nature.

During the mid 90’s, my wife and I travelled for a year around Australia, visiting much of the remote wilderness. Essentially the enjoyment of travelling was in itself, however we set a guiding goal of spotting all three endemic species of riflebird. Eventually, we found them and they have symbolised adventure for us ever since.